Adwords Campaign Setup Guide

Become familiar with the layout and content of the website

Complete the adwords campaign and ad group tree (in pencil) campaigns can be separated by location, product, language or audience.

Collate potential keywords from the client website and then enter them into Google to increase the size of your list. Also use to find alternative keywords

Enter all your keyword ideas into the keyword planner to check for search volume, competition levels. One ad group at a time and remember to rename the ad groups on the right hand side of the keyword planner.

Try to keep your ad groups to approximately 5 keywords – sometimes this may be even less. Make sure that your ad groups are tight – all keywords must be relevant to each other and the name of the ad group.

Separate the keywords that you find into ad groups – download as csv and copy into the adwords campaign template

Write at least two ads per ad group and run them competitively against each other – make sure you set campaign settings to show ads evenly for at least 90 days.

Try to get the keyword into the headline and again in the body of the ad – include prices and promotions and USP’s with a strong call to action.

Make sure that you use appropriate landing pages, not the home page and experiment with display url’s.

Do negative keyword research – make sure you also check google and ‘searches related to’ at the bottom of the google search results

Setup Ad Extensions last and try to include as many different types of extensions as you can